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NLP Training and Courses – Consciously Create the World You Want!

NLP Introduction: 1 Day of AMAZING new learnings, that will literally help you change the way you think, change your life and experience change at the deepest level. NLP has become faster, simpler, and more effective than ever before. Learn to understand your own mind and better understand the mind of others. (More)

NLP Practitioner Certification: Dawn will be delivering an Extra Special NLP Practitioner Certification in the sun, specifically designed to make NLP easy to learn and easy to use on yourself and others. 7 days of fun, laughter and easy reprogramming. If you haven’t been on this course before, now’s your chance… If you are already an NLP Practitioner, now’s your chance to refresh your skills in an easy more practical way. (More)

NLP Master Practitioner Certification: A Master transcends techniques and accesses a spectrum of healing beyond just technique. Once you interact with this new, broader, more comprehensive spectrum of personal development you will be able to access any and every level to facilitate healing that any healing practitioner can access anywhere on the planet. The gift of healing comes when we transcend techniques. The gift of a technique in its largest, comes in its transcendence. That’s the secret… (More)

NLP Business Practitioner Certification: Today’s competitive business environment requires more… This course is aimed at people who want to apply their NLP skills in the arena of business and professional development. You will learn the skills to model top professionals who are successful in business today. If you want to learn the tools and techniques to ensure you are performing at your very best, then the NLP Business Practitioner is for you. (More)

Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy: If you have ever imagined a career change, then this course will show you how to change profession and become a GREAT Hypnotherapist. Our trainings have also been Assessed & Validated by the British Institute of Hypnotherapy (BIH), one of the longest established associations of Hypnotherapists/Psychotherapists & NLP Practitioners in the UK. During these 5 days we will teach you a model to become a powerful hypnotherapist. Modern Hypnotherapy was pioneered by Milton Erickson, he is considered to have been the world’s foremost authority on “permissive” hypnosis. His clients and colleagues knew him for his for his consistent ability to quickly achieve therapeutic outcomes. Permissive Ericksonian Hypnosis is Solution Orientated. The “problem” is the “solution”. The knowledge is within the client. (More)

Hypnotherapy Diploma: With stress on the increase and jobs on the decrease, GOOD hypnotherapists are needed more than ever. The world is screaming out for help. Can you be one of those who are interested in helping others and helping yourself? (More)

EmoTrance Practitioner Certification: Explode Your Healing Powers! EmoTrance is the latest tool from the field of Energy Psychology and is universally acknowledged as the breakthrough in working with energy, emotion, state and behaviour for the new millennium. It is logical, beautifully designed and a joy to use, as well as being amazingly powerful and effective. (More)

Self Hypnosis: During this workshop we are excited to present simple and practical approaches to self-hypnosis. We offer support and guidance in exercises that allow you to begin to connect with and utilise unconscious resources. These are simple lessons in achieving altered states of consciousness that have been used with great effect to stimulate creativity, solve problems, achieve relaxation and improve health and well-being. (More)

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NLP Practitioner Certification- Before I came on this event, I had done extensive research on NLP courses. I chose this one because it seemed to offer robust content coupled with lots of practice. I wasn’t disappointed. Dawn and her team are enthusiastic and knowledgeable and I feel truly ‘qualified’ in NLP now.”

Alison Hartley, HR Manager, Edinburgh